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Surely humane, and human, beings are positive thinkers.
Hitler was positive the Jews should be exterminated, and he was destined to lead the world into a new order ruled by the master race. All of Germany who supported this theme thought positively about the goal to take control of the world.

The allies thought positively the man was insane and felt no discordance with bombing Large cities and killing civilians any more than Hitlers Third Reich gave much thought to killing civilians if it got into a pissing contest about who was going to be the stronger.

Being positive is multi-dimensionally determined at differing levels of intelligence and spiritual development.

Thought based on inferior knowledge of reality does not produce greater results by thinking more often about illusions created from belief and lack of knowledge. Our most brilliant men endeavored to satisfy the need to split the atom and destroy hundreds of thousands of lives and irradiate the land making it unsafe to inhabit for the good of humanity.

Relative ideas of the ego and spirit taught from the egoic intellect and the corresponding books written by humane individuals no matter how docile and unassuming, are still fantasy when conjured from the imagination if they are not directly lived from the experience of having overcome the limitations of the ego and having transmuted the illusions of ego to live directly from spirit.
This was the essence of Jesus' teachings, and the pharisees called him a know it all, and a heretic. They called on Pontius Pilate to moderate his teachings and to silence him from speaking by Exterminating his life.
Pilate wasn't too keen on this idea but was forced into satisfying a discordant majority swayed by superstition for fear of losing his position and self esteem as an authoritative figure. Jesus was tried and executed by the laws and beliefs of the ego bound Pharisees, because Pilate was afraid to lose face.

“Be still and know that I am God.” -- Psalms 46:10

After 2000 years some things haven't changed.
Righteousness is still defined by thinkers who choose to live and identify with belief and opinion rather than live by the spirit.
This self defined humane human or ego is what Jesus called the "Son of Man."
What he came to inspire within the Son of Man, was the spirit within to transform the "Son of Man" into the "Son of God."

Fundamentalist thinkers are both religious and non-religious. They base everything on the majority rule of accepted belief in reality even if it is incorrect. Man still hasn't progressed far enough from the earth is flat mentality to have emerged from the ego to understand Spirit and spirituality. Egoic man still wants God to live within his rules, and anyone associated with God to comply with the opinion of relative belief.

It doesn't matter if your biography is a book of self proclaimed accomplishments believed to be righteous by Websters definitions or a two volume world dictionary.
Defining spirit within egoic confines still doesn't do justice to its presence.

If one wants to overcome evil as described in Romans 12.
One would necessarily have to overcome the inability to come from spirit in the making of continuously limited conscious choices to choose to stand in the ego.

To think one would choose for the ego while being conscious of spirit would be the example of Evil.

It would be more believable to think one would claim to make conscious choices to stand in ego and express from ego because the claimant has no familiarity with anything else.
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