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TT tells me
The above response is an egoic reaction.
TT, of course it is! And I know that it is. Consciously, I chose to do so.

That is of course why I commented on the ability to recognize the difference and make choices. Obviously this is the kind of choice you know and prefer.
You consciously chose to limit yourself and me by doing so. Why you would do that is for you shrouded in either mystery or excuse.
It is not something I would do, and I recognize the symptoms because I have a familiarity with Teaching those who wish to know the difference between the ego and spirit.
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But are you so unconscious, blind and deaf so as not to realize that so are 100% of your comments?

Are you saying this is the truth, this your opinion, or have you suddenly decided that you have gotten over not knowing everything?

There is a big difference in being conscious while standing in spirit and conscious while standing in ego.
One is tapped into memory and limits of belief. The other is tapped into omniscience and is what is called Christed Conscious awareness. One is ego and the other is the NOW.
One sees and experiences separation of humanity in individuality and and separation of humanity with God. And the other always sees ONE universal mind in action and all as the same God.
One might believe all is connected, the other experiences it 24/7 in all thought, action and awareness as the only true reality.
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BTW, the moderator has warned you about this, more than once. Are you reading and listening?

You're implying the moderator doesn't tolerate clarification..
I simply used your own statements so you could gain clarification of where you choose to stand.
You say one thing and do another.
How do you recognize the difference between standing in spirit and ego when you don't know spirit and you consistently refer to your position in the ego?

It was a simple question. You made the statement it was easy, but so far you haven't demonstrated any ability. You only repeat your position of being in the ego by self admission and by action and reaction to my question, stamping the label upon your forehead, and insisting I wear your label too.

Talking the talk is such a different thing than walking it.

Anybody can tell the difference between hot and cold, with a stable experience of the two. But not everyone can tell the difference between one thing and another if the topic of discussion is only an opinion or a belief.

One would have to know the topic, the subjects in question, they would have to be real, and person would have to master a stable experience of both before one could make any reference to either with any clarity.

So far you only state opinions and they are constantly changing.

Furthermore you get awfully upset if anyone makes a statement that is not followed with the qualifying, "This is my opinion" so that all are equally without any real knowledge and experience in equal inferiority.

My idea of reality doesn't follow those guidelines.

I don't think the moderator has a problem with scientifically or theoretically establishing the differences between relative and absolute truths, but I do think the one you keep running to every time you get upset would probably get tired of you whining about your inability to control the conversation when it doesn't go the way you want it to.
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