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That [pain, suffering and death] cannot be right.
Of course it isn't right! So let's all wake up, now, and do something about it. What are we waiting for, Christmas?

Knowing how to wake up and what you would experience being awake and what you would do while being awake is always good conversation, if not simply entertaining.. blush

I think if we reword Ellis' question a bit.. shocked .. whistle....

Do you think, Rev, that everyone has his/her own personal perception of "enlightenment" or "waking up" and upon awakening will still have their own personal opinion about what to do, to stop suffering within the experience of enlightenment? confused

Or what would change in the personality of opinion and belief, that would change what one does or does not, to change the world?

Oh and most importantly...These are not Rhetorical questions. wink
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