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For me, what he writes about all these and other issues has about it the ring of truth. None of his, what one critic calls his, "provocative insights" provoke me. Obviously we are one the same path to enlightenment--GOD-consciousness

It is most obvious that all are on a path of enlightenment that are coming to know God.
Differing opinions about what that looks like from belief is what dilutes the essence of the path and creates discomfort within the emotional body that the ego attaches itself to.

When one engages themselves with Teacher/Spirit all that is sacred in the path has to be given up so that the path can dissolve into what is called the "Pathless path" or the state of "being" when the path is no longer, but what is, is God.

The ego is very comfortable reading and listening to what it idealizes in words and opinion, leaving its beliefs and personal opinions intact.
The ego does not realize until the path dissolves into Self that all is the Self. There is no one that one engages or joins with in being on the path. All is but one and the reflections are drawn to the personal experience by the evolving soul.
The Self brings to the surface all that the soul is ready for in its evolution. It is the Self that creates what the ego experiences as both comfort and discomfort, like mindedness and opposition, that which does and doesn't provoke.

It is much more likely that those things that provoke you are going to create the change necessary to expanding awareness than those things that help you remain complacent within the mind that leaves the ego intact with its beliefs and opinion. It is that which provokes you that challenges complacency in belief and opinion so that you can see it differently than you would consistently idealize in your present state as being full of God.

individuals not saturated in fullness of the One idealize Groups that are opinion and belief drawn together, to gain strength in the feeling of togetherness to do battle with those opinions and beliefs that do not meet their opinion and belief. Battle meaning the reaction or conflict that takes place in the arena of belief.
How it (the battle) manifests is both subtle and extreme. From disbelief and close mindedness to the physical expression of war and rage.
Until one comes to know God in all things, ones path is filled with thought provoking ideas that tempt the ego into loosening its grip on opinion and belief.
If there is no contrast the mind cannot be cognizant of its own evolution and is not on a path but steadfast in the illusions of belief, without the ability to hear or see anything but what one has wrapped around the absolute infinite one in finite ideals that are the projections of ones own separate personality.

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.... on the streets many are still dying for their beliefs. That cannot be right.

It cannot last forever but it does serve the evolution of the soul to understand what it means to put your finger into the fire of belief and projection of personal opinion and to try to make that God absolute...

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