Trying to circumvent idolotry thru the intellect and attachment to words doesn't give you much freedom. As you dance around the ego of so many diverse beliefs trying to sharpen the point of a conversation in meaning, or to avoid creating a disturbance in some belief system divided by social programming only creates a from of diplomacy that is ultimately motivated by caution and fear. To live in constant defense and public co-dependence is what the spiritual teachings call suffering. It is the suffering of the ego.
Before the dogma of language became a problem of ego, those who were adept in conversation were capable of listening, rather than laying personal meanings on top of the words that were spoken by others.
If someone was speaking of their experience of God, the listener was tuning into the others experience. The words when listened to in language that was more attuned to the vibratory resonance that played between the spirit and the listener, the speaker was the reflective medium or the device to bring that experience to the surface.
This was the case with Jesus. The Christ was the living medium that lived in the manifestation of Jesus that allowed the spirit to speak without the attachments of egoic belief and dogma of language. Like a radio reciever that translates the message on the airwaves brodacast from the source to the human ear.

Today it seems instead of listening, the ego with all of its ideals and superstition, keeps turning the dials of the receiver until the voice comes out exactly as the listener expects their message of reality to appear.

Open discussion and expression of experience is now limted to personal belief and the dogma of superstitious etiquette.
Don't speak of God unless you do it on my terms kind of thinking. And it all makes even less sense if each is making their excuses without the actual experience of spirit within themselves radiating outward into everything experienced.

Unless someone actually immerses the intellect into spirit all the talking around it without actually gettiing to know it seems a bit irrelevent.