More about overcoming evil with good
UNITHEISM is a theology--that is, a knowledge-based concept of GOD--which actually inspires me to act on the idea that, with GOD, all good things--physically, mentally and spiritually--are possible. If the word 'GOD' offends you, use one of your own invention. The bottom line is: what you would like life to be like. It is your choice.

My interest in UNITHEISM--which says that GOD is one with us and we are one with GOD--therefore, is not just academic. It is about exploring the practical values connected with this concept, which will help us, and our suffering world, find the joy-filled and "abundant life" of which Jesus, and others before and after him, spoke.

Using the acronym FREUDE--the German for joy--let me see If I can make myself clear.

By the way, Beethoven's Ode to Joy--part of his great Ninth Symphony, begins with the words, Freude, freude ... In my opinion, without GOD there is no joy. There is only fear, resistance, envy, uncertainty, depression and ego, the ultimate enemy of our peace of mind.
First the bad news about the enemy:

F stands for ego-based fears and feelings (Sad and happy). The un-observed ego is in a constant state of fear--fear of failure and that we are missing out on finding the fun of life.

R stands for ego-based resistance. Our pride tends to cause us to resist doing the things we need, and ought, to do for ourselves and others.

E stands for envy--coveting things we think we can't have unless with take them from others, including our family, friends, our community and the world. It is the root of all crime, including war, terrorism and the like.

U stands for the ego-based feeling of uncertainty. It arises out of the unobserved mind. It is the feeling of unease that we get when we feel unaware of what is truly real. When we reach a pure state of consciousness we will no longer feel unaware.

D stands for the ego-based feeling of despair, the loss of hope. It is a very destructive emotion, leading to the depths of depression--the common cold of mental diseases.

E stands for the ego, the enemy within--the ego-based mind, the thinker, the psyche--which is out to destroy our peace of mind.

Like fire, the ego can be a great servant, but a mean and destructive master, especially when we allow it to run our lives. Left to its own devices this man-made self, this unobserved mind, will stand between us and keep us separate from all that is good--GOD-like. Egotism is a dreadful mental disease. As already indicated, it is the mother of envy, the mother of all counter-productive conflicts--crimes of passion, wars, terrorism, financial crashes, you name it ...

Can you imagine the following?

By making the following simple choice--and that is all that it takes, a choice--one can take, "the road less traveled by" and like the poet said: "make all the difference".

Right now, I make the choice with you: "Beginning now, I choose to live in a state of conscious awareness of all my physical and mental--that is, somatic and psychosomatic--feelings.

I choose to connect with GOD--By the way, atheists, agnostics and others, choose your own word here--the Source of all the knowledge, wisdom, power and Love.

When I do this, my body and mind (soma and the psyche) will then become loving servants--no longer the enemy.

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