THE GREAT SCIENTIST, PHILOSOPHER AND MATHEMATICIAN, Alfred North Whitehead, In his book, Science and the Modern World, said, long before Tolle and others spoke of the Now:

"In a certain sense, everything is everywhere at all times."

For the mathematical roots of Whitehead's cosmological thought check out:

THE EVERYTHING (that is, total sum of everything physical, mental and spiritual, in the Now) THAT IS EVERYWHERE AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Interesting.

And, to me it sounds like a good definition of what I have in mind when I say, G(null)D, or GOD.
Keep in mind: I have to write it two ways, because, except in my signature, my 'puter keeps changing the acronym, G(null)D, which I like, into G,D.

BTW, orthdox Jews write 'G-d'--for the same reason I use GOD or G(null)D--to make us aware that, for them, G-d is not a person, thing or an it.

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