Anon: To insist that noone should speak of god unless they do so with your "terms kind of thinking" is bizarre and arrogant. I agree that it is the minutia of dogma and belief that can cause misunderstanding and even war, but we are as humans should be able to deal with such divisions sensibly and with maturity. It is this diversity that makes us such an interesting species.

We all make assumptions regarding meaning within language. That is why I am so pedantic about the need for care in defining terms. Words are very important, but there are many actual languages, and sometimes they are all trying to convey identical meanings, which of course are coloured by the cultural background of the writer or speaker. As a result of course there are layers of meaning. I see nothing sinister in that. What you do find though, if you are ever in a place where you cannot understand a word people are saying, that there is often a universal need for communication. Sometimes this can be non-verbal, other times it can be an example of shared cooperation and with cooperation understanding can be achieved, --- though not always agreement. But does that matter?