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TT- are you positive that your own perception of ultimate reality, as described by you in your posts, is the only possible experience for everyone, of that state which is described as reality?

If we use the Olympic stadium as the medium of experience (as you brought up before) how would you measure the depth of experience of the stadium in a person and their familiarity with it?
If you were the designer and builder, had spent months in every corner of its construction process as well as having lived in it upon completion, it would stand to reason that you would have a pretty good grasp of what was in it and what it was like.
Now anyone who spends time in it whether in the construction phase or just visiting it based on individual personality and beliefs is going to absorb it into experience according to that personality.
Those who just see pictures of it will not have the same experience and the resonance may be completely obvious to someone who was intimately familiar with the contact experience and could tell when someone who just experiences pictures and stories about it as opposed to someone who immersed themselves in it.

Experiences change and are never the same.

Even if two people stand side by side and experience the same object or objects of perception they will experience it differently and take with them what each needs from it based on the levels of stress in their nervous system and their level of spiritually conscious awareness.
This comparison is something that has been studied in Twins who grow up in the same house and end up living completely different lives with diverse desires, experiences of the past and their beliefs.
If we go back to the stadium itself, it never changes within the course of its existence other than what is placed on or in it by independent desire to adorn it according to ceremony and circumstance.
It is the same with the Absolute only unlike the absolute the stadium will decay and collapse over time. The absolute remains timeless and never changes or decays.
You can experience the stability in it and everyone who knows it, knows it itself, does not change. The experiences of it do however, for experience is the approach to an object of sensory immersion and return to individual measures of perception.
How one creates the system of measure is how one sizes the object of perception and either creates the idea of infinite or limitation. This takes place differently at different levels of conscious awareness.
As one rises in conscious awareness, systems of measure no longer apply. Knowledge is infinite, rather than finite.

The absolute itself like the stadium is not an experience. One can have an experience of it but not contain it within the experience. Once you approach it and again have another encounter there may be similarities but the experience is different.
In the case of the absolute it can't really be experienced as an object because it is not an object that can be confined or measured as experience, but it is reflected in consciousness as an experience like an image of the moon in a still pond. A knowing if you will when the mind leaves its limitations of the body and immerses itself in the infinite spirit, it brings back with it the resonance of the unmanifest but cannot contain it or capture it to bring it all into the limits of human perceptions and beliefs of measure. In the immersion of it awareness becomes aware of itself, without boundaries or limits. Once awareness returns to the limits of the manifest world it remains connected after so many trips back and forth in the process of meditation.
Just as color becomes colorfast when immersed in dye and exposed to the sun repeatedly.

If you ask yourself if you know if you are alive what would you say?
Would you say yes because someone told you or yes because you know?
If you fall in love how do you know that you are in love? How would you tell someone and how would they know?
If they did not know love the idea would be somewhat of a stretch to relate to. If one knew about love it would be something one could connect with due to their own experience.

If you take a scientific approach the feelings are simply the effects of firing synapses which you experience as love, and a machine might measure as neural and hormonal activity.
That machine would however be built from the knowledge and confines of belief and boundaries of the relative. The only machine that can become aware of something that has no boundaries is consciousness itself which exists regardless of boundaries and human conditions.

So in the case of conscious awareness of the absolute one has to be able to recognize the absolute within themselves and others, or consciousness in ones self and others that is not limited to boundaries of physical conditions to recognize when someone is having an experience of it. Similar to the designer, builder and occupant of the stadium who has a familiarity of resonance in experience and intimacy with the unchanging stadium.

One describes their experience and one resonates with truth/the stadium not the experience. If one has enough experience in it the resonance reflects a frequency similar to placing two tuning forks in the same room tuned to the same frequency.
One is struck and vibrates and automatically the other begins to vibrate with it at the same frequency.

Consciousness recognizes consciousness.

When one rises above the influences of ego and immerses themselves in the absolute, the understanding of the difference between illusion and Truth become clear.
There is nothing that cannot be known and nothing to limit one to the personal. One can just as easily jump into anothers experience as they jump from one experience to another within their own personality.
Its kind of like an intuitive process but less confined to resolute or abstract beliefs and ideas.

Everything in the manifest is vibrational frequencies of light. Even sound is light at a reduced vibration. Each object has its own fingerprint in time and space even the individual soul.
The OM AUM or The WORD of God as it is called in Western religions embodies all vibrational frequencies like a carrier wave that carries voice and music in a radio channel or frequency. The mind of spirit is a frequency tuner and according to individual needs brings whatever channel is necessary to complete individual desire and facilitate growth in awareness or shifting awareness from experience of relative measure, even experience beyond the relative.

The science of Yoga is compiled of thousands of years of study in the resonance of the absolute and its manifestations.
It was the basis for the Teachings of Buddha and Jesus, and every other master who has lived in body on this and every other planet containing evolving lifeforms of humanity.

I can tell you I know. Whether you believe me or anyone believes me is moot.
Belief does not change or alter the absolute, it continues or is, regardless.

For someone who has no conscious awareness of it, there is no proof until they become conscious enough to experience it. You can't prove it only validate it within yourself and others by being it, or as the term has been of late loosely thrown about, "Being in the NOW". Then you can recognize it in another when they are immersed in it because all thoughts of personality and belief are overshadowed or left behind like wiping the bugs off of a windshield, all that can be seen and experienced is the absolute rather than the bugs obscuring the view or the ego and all of its baggage.

Am I positive?
No, I am absolutely aware.

Is it the only possible experience of everyone in that state of reality?
That reality transcends all possible experiences.
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