TT, it looks like that, over the years, I have read some of the same kinds of literature you have. Thanks for the list.

For example, in 1985-1986, with a group led by one who chose to, "become a teacher of God"--as it states on page 3 of the MANUAL FOR TEACHERS, I spent a whole year, under his leadership, looking into what the course teaches.

After we learned about who created the course, and how it began, we learned about such things as the following:

1. The fundamental "distinction between the real and the unreal."
2. The child-like nature of the ego.
3. Sin is defined as "lack of love."... "a mistake to be corrected" ... "rather than an evil to be punished."
4. The role of the body as an instrument of perception.
5. The role of the Spirit with us, which Christians call Christ.
6. The purpose of forgiveness this side of Heaven, where there are no prisoners of guilt, where we remember and become one with GOD.

Then starting with Chapter
1. THE MEANING OF MIRACLES, we went on to Chapter

Over the year, we all came to the understanding that, eventually, we will all be required to complete the real course, the course of LIFE. How long we take to do it will be up to us. The peace of mind, the peace of GOD is, eventually there for all who choose to receive it.

This and other, books like it, including the Bible, the Koran, the Gita, the works of James, Weatherhead, Fosdick, Jung, Frankl, Maslow, Rogers, Parker, Erickson and numerous others like it have been my companions for decades ...

BTW, from among the many marginal notes I made in my text the follow three stand out: We need to take note of and "observe the self observing the ego and its creation, the body.";
"We are one with GOD...." The I added, "unitheism?".
Today I could add, "newtheism". Or even, "nowtheism".
In GOD, there is no separation, only oneness.
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