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TT claims:
Jesus was such a human-like God.
To the exclusion of all others?

Then how come that John 10:34, John 17:20-24--and many other passages--make it clear that nowhere does Jesus ever claim: "I am the exclusive son of God, and no one else is?"

Paul also makes it clear that we are all called to sons, and daughters of--that is, one with--God.

IMO, son ship and daughter ship is the gift that comes to us when we choose to be, and live, at one ship with the highest good, GOD.

BTW, TT, over the years I have used the rather valuable parable you told, a number of times. Deeds, not creeds, are what count.

The Christ Consciousness or Self Realization or Enlightenment in the highest state of Human Consciousness Jesus achieved is not exclusive to Jesus. However it is not an opinion and not an egoic choice to slap relative definitions of unity or good will that creates Christed Consciousness.
Therefore it was not the teaching of Jesus or any other enlightened master that one simply decide for themselves they are enlightened and one with everything that one becomes liberated from ego.

And yes many use the parable but not many posses the level of consciousness to be aware of what each individual needs in order to break the bonds of ego.
Instead the ego enables the ego, offering food to the hungry without enlivening their ability to feed themselves, Clothe the shivering without enabling the desire to clothe themselves. The ego fears death and helps to spread fear of death. Unity from the ego means everyone works together even if it means they work to the goal of self destruction and anihilation, like lemmings screaming toward the edge of a cliff. Ego makes opinion freedom and God, even if it is an opinion derived without knowledge and experience, and then in democratic process it creates a majority of rules founded on principles of opinion rather than principles of knowlege and experience.
In summary, a rule labled as "Golden" to protect individuality in the name of ignorance and conjecture, giving ego supreme rule above and beyond Christed Consciousness.