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Just yesterday, I just happened to catch an interview on the radio (CFRB, Toronto) about the following Site: Intent.com I visited the section having to with science and spirituality.

People, like Deepak Chopra and his daughter, are involved.

Tools of Personal Transformation: The Role of the Ego
The above link comes from the website you posted and Deepak Chopra's ongoing discussion of enlightenment and his goal of getting people to join him in taking a vow of non-violence,
(Which includes the topics "Ego and God").
Chopra was a Student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and although he doesn't speak of his meditation and the role it plays in observing the ego in the short video, it is somewhat informative.
I say "Somewhat" because he never really agreed with Maharishi on the subject of Self because he couldn't reach the level of experience that his teacher was leading him to. So Chopra left Maharishi to teach from his own personal experience rather than from that which Maharishi was pointing to.
Since he didn't attain a stabilized experience of Unity his experience of Self/self was limited to personality rather than universal mind.
He expresses his limitation by saying no one can tell what I am thinking or experiencing, Only I can. This is why he left Maharishi and his Teaching because he wouldn't imagine anyone could feel or experience where he was at and as a result was unable to accept comment/guidance to the effect of his growth and experience.

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