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BTW, I agree with Tolle that all emotions, including happy and sad ones, arise from the ego. I also acknowledge I have not as yet mastered handling all my emotions; but I am working on it.

All energy arises from Spirit. The ego filters energies thru a collection of beliefs and ideas based on identity of reality and self into opinions. Taking stands in opinions from belief create emotional attachment and judgment.

The mind that is not situated in spirit but in the ego cannot master spirit, but it will attempt to master what it knows about itself.
Unfortunately the ego knows nothing of itself, only its opinions and judgments. It can't distance itself from its beliefs to be objective and witness itself in its beliefs.

To the ego self mastery is rearranging opinion to fit current beliefs, or the adding of more knowledge filtered thru those beliefs to create the ego differently.
Beliefs constantly change so the ego masters nothing, only changes priorities like a chameleon changes the color of its surface appearances.
The psyche (emotional body) remains filled with the collections of opinions and the outside shifts as the mind draws from the limited bank of egoic ideals, putting on a display of surface appearances to blend with what the mind has attached itself to as the true reality, the ever changing mixture of appearances reflected by the inner conglomeration of beliefs, opinions and judgments.

Without knowing God/Spirit/Now, true mastery of the Self and detachment from emotional disguises of pomp and circumstance of the ego is not possible. What the ego projects as God/Spirit/Now is drawn from the identification of ego and itself, not the Now/God/Spirit.

What is created is a sort of self hypnosis of a mind in ignorance, trying to create an idea that it is a mind that is not ignorant.
Without the personality knowing the Truth, trying to make truth appear on the surface is like trying to conjure health from sickness by boiling toads and herbs and dancing around a fire.

It would be like trying to hypnotize yourself into being a brain surgeon and operating on someone without every having spent the time or commitment to the knowledge and mastery of brain surgery under the guidance of someone who has.

The results aren't very pretty, and are most obvious.

History has shown us through the display of religious leaders and institutions how the ego has determined spirit/God looks and acts when the ego takes charge.

The very few who have come to speak of Truth have been misunderstood from the subjective states of consciousness of the observer which have been and are ego driven.

The few who have studied with the masters directly have become more cognizant of the reality of Truth.

Some who have awakened in their lifetime to the Truth without the memory of their previous tutelage are those such as Krishnamurti and Eckhart Tolle.
Having gained popularity for their awareness (without the awareness of how the mind makes the evolutionary transition from ego to Spirit awareness) are themselves incapable of leading another in taking steps to empty the psyche of egoic belief and stress in the nervous system which anchors the ego in place.
They can speak of the Truth and the few who resonate with it but don't have the experience of it, only feel the distant call of the heart which is buried under layers of conditioning and belief. It then can be a matter of discussion pertaining to belief and opinion but it does not become unified in each as the same Truth eternal. It becomes subject to limitation of the surface opinion and inner belief.

People such as Krishnamurti and Tolle awaken a desire that is in everyone; the highest desire of humanity, to awaken to unity of spirit and body. But regardless of the subtle voice, the ego which is in charge influences all thought and action around and away from spirit toward the ego's best laid plans in limitation and separation of spirit and the manifest.

Unless one has a way to draw the spirit within outward, by taking the mind past the ego and into the spirit continually erasing the influences of the ego, the ego will remain intact forever influencing all thought and action.

Self hypnosis only seeks to bury the known and conjure the unknown because it is initiated at the surface of the mind where the ego lives.

True mastery of the Self requires time and commitment to immersion of mind in spirit. And if one hasn't the guidance of one who has made the journey, one can only imagine as those who have shown us from historic testimony of church and belief, how successful we can be from the surface of the mind.

One can wait to see if they have an automatic awakening such as Krishnamurti, or Tolle, But those who have studied themselves under the guidance of Such Masters as Buddha or Jesus know that without proper guidance such a desire is less than fruitful. Those who awaken in one lifetime have spent in previous lifetimes under guidance of masters, time in self study of the Spirit within.

No words of man can contain spirit and so no amount of reading can free the mind of ego no matter how clear the source of the script. The ego will always translate the words according to belief and opinion.
Also no amount of listening to clear descriptions will unfold the truth of reality if the mind is sitting in the theater of beliefs and individual opinion.
Where the fragmented minds of ego dissect the infinite into the finite, it is not even possible to piece those fragments into a whole for the infinite is beyond the imagination of wholeness and the infinite would not be infinite if it could be fragmented into parts.
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