Whatever God is, is what He is, if anything.
I agree! So what is God, for you?

BTW, I have no intention of imposing any creeds or restrictive dogmatics of any organized religion on anyone, including on myself.

I learned a lot from the way I was raised, theologically speaking, for the simple reason that my teachers allowed us students freedom of conscience and had a great respect for reason and the value of science. I was taught how to think, not what to think. Because of this, I have a great deal of respect for my mentors.

This leads me to say: I find it is impossible to accept that there is a human-and-person-like god, separate and apart this cosmos and us humans. If you feel otherwise, I respect your opinion. Let us dialogue about, with respect for one another.

Be this as it may, my conscience led me to ask: Perhaps we need a new definition of the god-concept. This led me to seek for such a definition.

Until I hear of something better, at this point, I find it useful to stop thinking of 'God' as a proper noun.

Now I use the acronym GOD--meaning goodness, order and desirable--instead of the noun 'God'. BTW, see the spelling I use in my signature. Note that I use the symbol, Ø, the null. One scientist, in REDEFINEGOD.COM ,tells me that the null = 1/0, which, mathematically speaking, means that all things are possible, just as Jesus said.


IMO, in GØD, all things--even the apparently chaotic and evil--work together, ultimately, for Good (Paul). Meanwhile, science is working on helping bring Order out of the chaos, and the end result, I hope and believe, will be Desirable, beautiful, lovely and true. For me, this is what is ultimately good, valuable and eternally true.

All this, in my opinion, has a very practical result. I am persuaded that the more and more I become aware of my at-one-ment with GØD, and stop resisting the flow of physical and mental abundance, the less and less I am a victim of negative physical and mental circumstances often filled with the misery of pain and suffering. The agony of fear, anxiety and doubt (FAD) are, rapidly, being replaced with that of joy and peace of mind.

To you, and anyone reading this post, I ask: How do you define the god-concept? What, for you, is the ultimate good and is of eternal value?

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