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Anon: To insist that noone should speak of god unless they do so with your "terms kind of thinking" is bizarre and arrogant.
To assume I insist anything is the result of misunderstanding. Which is why I said what I said regarding the ability to discuss God without the intellect being immersed in God.
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BTW, Ellis, May I ask Anon: Are you related to TT. smile

I am TT, I just happen to be in Hong Kong and not at my own computer so I haven't logged in to my own account.
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BTW 2, I suspect that when Anon wrote:
"Don't speak of God unless you do it on my terms kind of thinking."
he did not intend to offer it as his point of view. We'll see.

If I am right this is an example of opaque, unclear, writing. But none the less, much of Anon's post is, like that of TT's posts--it is filled with the attitude of an arrogant ego with a hot line to God.

It would be from your persepective Rev., your lack of experience in the immsersion of spirit and the threat to your ego and its indpendent nature to cling to changing ideas and ideals that are personal to you. It is only the insistence to identify with your beliefs and independant opinion that prevents the death of the ego.
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Incidentally, I only wish there was such a thing as a human-like and objective god--the kind atheists say they can live without. BTW 3, because I know--at least strongly suspect--there is no such god, so can I.

Jesus was such a human-like God. A person immersed in spirit and absolute truth. Those that could not imagine anything other than personal opinion could not grasp the extent of his being nor what he had to say.

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Or perhaps a subtle change would be more accurate--as in- "We can live without a belief in god".

We could, for any belief is just as irrelevant as non-belief. People will still have an opinion of good and evil even if some vague idea of an omnipresent nature has connected us at a level beyond the personal projections of imagination and superstition.
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In fairness to the Anon poster I feel that he/she had some issue with that sort of thinking also, although the actual text in the post is ambiguous. However I would like to give him/her the benefit of the doubt. I would still criticise very sharply those who have such a closed point of view.

You might have a different idea if you found how unimaginitive the ego really is when it comes to connecting to God.

If you had a TV and never plugged it in, you might speak all you wanted to about what was on the TV while it was unplugged, but to actually grasp what was on it when it is plugged in would be less than accurate if even intellgent if you never saw it in action while plugged in with all circuits of communication active.