The same applies to 'Christ'--meaning gifted, blessed, or anointed, one. IMO, it is good for anyone, including atheists, to be 'gifted'. In addition, I am more concerned with being orthoprax--having the right kind of actions; not just orthodox--having the right set of beliefs.

Allah (Arabic) and Eloh(Hebrew) allude to the highest power; Theos (Greek) alludes to the highest idea and God (Anglo/Saxon) alludes to the highest good. 'God' is the short way of saying 'the one, powerful and good idea" (TOPAGI). Do atheists believe that such is possible? The god of moral and ethical atheists could be TOPAGI. smile

To avoid idolatry of the mind--using a name, or a noun, I prefer using the acronym GOD. When I am in my agnostic mode, or have a lot of questions, I can use G?D. In my money-raising mode I could use G$D smile In my dyslexic mode it could be DOG.

BTW, it is good to have so many gifted atheists and agnostic with whom to dialogue. It helps me keep my aging--one more year to the big 80--brain sharp. Thanks!

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