I don't think the moderator has a problem with scientifically or theoretically establishing the differences between relative and absolute truths, but I do think the one you keep running to every time you get upset would probably get tired of you whining about your inability to control the conversation when it doesn't go the way you want it to.
Now, I am not only guilty of positive thinking--which I have always assumed is a good thing to do--I am also accused of controlling the conversation! What a big LAUGH!!!! laugh laugh The typical blame-the-victim ploy.

BTW posters, speaking of control: Take a look at the last number of TT's mostly unclear posts. Need I say more? smile

From this point on, without lecturing others on how to "think" correctly and how to get it spiritually correct, I choose to stick to the topic at hand and the discussion of ideas. I will ignore all else.

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