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BTW, atheists, what do you mean when you say, "We can live without gods, or God?"

Just what it says Rev.... Or perhaps a subtle change would be more accurate--as in- "We can live without a belief in god". ...
OK, if that is how you feel, it is how you feel. But you seem to value living. Therefore, consider this question: What is living? What is life?

IMO--and it is just my opinion--GOD, or Being, and life, with all its physical, mental and spiritual sensations, of all kinds--are all part of the mix. And this is something I would not like to be without.

For me, living physically--not to mention living mentally and spiritually--involves my using all my physical senses.

Theoretically, it is possible one could still be alive without the five senses. But it is hard for me to imagine what physical life would be like if I lost my five senses--my sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch and still be aware.

This reminds me of the research done by Dr. Wilder Penfield, the famous brain surgeon who was very interested in how the brain functions?

In the 1950's, using students at McGill University, Montreal, he did a series of experiments to find out what would happen if the students were deprived of sight, sound and other physical sensations for an extended period of time.

The students were well paid to do nothing. The were told just to lie there and float, motionlessly, in tank of water while being deprived of light and sound.

By touching a button they could stop the experiment any time. But very few lasted more than a few hours. Some witnessed that they were virtually on the verge of going insane before the hellish psychic pain forced them to touch the button.


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