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Ellis, thanks. To me you come across as one who knows how to put your ego to good service, while not allowing the ego of anyone else to push you around. Good for you!

Of course it comes across that way. You have no objective experience of your ego, other than surface concepts of belief and opinion that are created from the ego and having read some books and articles. Reading doesn't create experience and without experience of ego mastery there is no wisdom.

It's just as unlikely to get apples from a pear tree as it is to free yourself from the separation of God in others by simply pasting a vision of oneness on top of all that you find discord in by imagining the concepts of ego from reading an article or two.

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No doubt you have noticed that TT's question is a rhetorical one.

No doubt you imagined it was, but it was not rhetorical.
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BTW, point out to me where I said: I will will away my ego?

How about this quote:
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E stands for the ego, the enemy within--the ego-based mind, the thinker, the psyche--which is out to destroy our peace of mind.

By making the following simple choice--and that is all that it takes, a choice--one can take, "the road less traveled by" and like the poet said: "make all the difference".

Right now, I make the choice with you: "Beginning now, I choose to live in a state of conscious awareness of all my physical and mental--that is, somatic and psychosomatic--feelings.

I choose to connect with GOD--By the way, atheists, agnostics and others, choose your own word here--the Source of all the knowledge, wisdom, power and Love.

When I do this, my body and mind (soma and the psyche) will then become loving servants--no longer the enemy.

Simply stating the idea of making the choice to turn ego from enemy to servant from the ego never has and never will happen when the thought and the choice to follow the thought is made from the ego. If it wasn't made from the ego/enemy the choice would be redundant.

So I should rephrase my statement to clarify what I meant by saying you are trying to will away your ego.
To be perfectly clear you are imagining you know the difference in ego being the enemy and the Servant from reading something, and that you could know how to turn the ego/enemy into the servent, by stating an affirmation. And imagining that imagining will make it so.
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BTW 2: I seek enlightenment for everyone, including TT.

you would necessarily have to become enlightened to know what it was that you wanted for everyone including me. Googling Bhodisattva in Wikipedia won't get you enlightenment or any understanding in the experience of Bhodisattva.

It's one thing to read about stuff, copy and paste what you have read and another to live what you speak of.
Words resonate from levels of understanding and reveal a state of mind.

What is self evident in your dialogue is that God, Ego and enlightenment are still concepts drawn from a tendency to store words with belief and opinion wrapped around them. Anybody can read and memorize stuff. What sets the master and the memory of concepts derived from opinion apart from each other is resonance with Truth absolute.
God is not an opinion. Opinion is ego. Enlightenment does not come from memory and opinion. When one is freed from opinion and attains perfect memory of Universal mind, that is something.

You're still following a 2000 year old habit Rev.
Remember the Pharisees....
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!