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From this point on, without lecturing others on how to "think" correctly and how to get it spiritually correct, I choose to stick to the topic at hand and the discussion of ideas.

Well that would be grand, however if you don't understand the topic of discussion it would be difficult to have an idea that was clear.
As I said before, to try and pull the absolute or spirit out of a basket of ideas is a hit or miss proposition. If you don't know what your looking for in the first place how do you recognize it?

You still haven't answered that question.

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I will ignore all else.

That might be part of your problem. The inability to learn anything new is due to the constant ignoring of anything that doesn't fit into the box of the ego. Insisting the world change to fit into the box, ignoring the vast possibilities of reality and forcing the world to be a certain way is like putting blinders on a horse. Only a certain type of vision is created; without the ability to peripherally absorb the entire picture the mind is limited and isolated in belief and narrow vision.

The horse or "mind" in this case, ceases to be a mind and instead a tool, manipulated by rules created by the master which in this scenario is the ego.

Sometimes an old dog is unwilling, rather than unable to learn new tricks.....
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Take a look at the last number of TT's mostly unclear posts.

Considering you have made statements to the effect that I am a sociopath, verbose, write long winded posts that you do not understand followed by the insistence that I change my delivery to suit your definitions of reality and have repeatedly claimed that you do not read my posts because because because.... And since you have run to the moderator and repeatedly threatened to run to the moderator every time you get upset, I find it contradictory that you could claim you have anything objective or "from spirit" for that matter, to say anything clearly regarding what I have written.

You're throwing another tantrum Rev.

Try not to live in and from the ego and instead dive into spirit to gain a broader perspective and let's see if something different happens this time.
After all if you want to change the world and remove evil (to stay on topic) one has to understand how one spins evil from the loom of the ego in its thoughts and ideas and how to live differently.

Being able to simply make the choice to change the world would be requisite to the change in ones self and the ability to clearly comprehend reality. If one knows nothing other than the ego and the ego's perception of reality within the duality of Good and Evil, projecting what spirit is like from duality is going to be connected to the ego's best guess of the opposite of evil which is whatever idea is conjured as good.
You can't solve a problem from a level of consciousness in which the problem was created.

Positive thinking includes negative thinking in duality. Whatever one wants to try and maintain is followed by the lurking evil of bad. That is the nature of duality. Positive has its counterpart which is always negative.
From spirit there is no dual nature to reality it is all manifestation of the Absolute ONE spirit eternal.
Coming from that ONE absolute Spirit all is seen as it is, in the isness of the "Now"

“Be still and know that I am God.” -- Psalms 46:10

All wisdom and knowledge comes from the absolute which is met in prayer or deep meditation. When one establishes familiarity with the absolute in constant contact by spending more time with the absolute than the ego one reaches a state called "praying without ceasing."
Like the deep vastness of the Ocean, all that is, was or ever will be rises up to the surface like the waves on the ocean. If one is continually tossed about upon the surface of the ocean knowing nothing but the ideas and thoughts losing familiarity with the ocean and knowing only the waves, one remains in the chatter of thought trying to increase the positive thoughts in and amongst the negative thoughts constantly battling the waves never stabilizing an awareness of the deeper Truth which lay below the waves.

Living and identifying with those ideas is the way of the ego. Without an anchor deep in the ocean of intelligence all concepts of idea and thought, positive ever threatened by the negative, one gets tossed about and bashed between lofty ideals and the fear of isolation and death.

As the waves come and go and the awareness is ever vigilant in the surface activity of the waves the ongoing nature of the ocean remains as new waves are born and die.
Positive and negative come and go, change and mutate in the weather of changing ideas born of identity with surface waves/thoughts and attachments that are the ego.
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