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It is that simple. The problem is: Too often, too many human beings fail to think before they act.

Thinking from not knowing doesn't create knowing...

A lot of thinking and planning went into the Holy wars of the Crusades and the Spanish inquisition.

The most obvious contrast for those who have knowledge and experience are people who talk the talk but do not walk the talk.

Your belief that you understand the NOW comes to mind. And that idea you have, actually comes from too much thinking.

I'll use this as a reference to your own belief about yourself, from your experience of the NOW.
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Let's get this straight: I KNOW that I have and AM a strong ego. I have never made any claim that I have a "non egoic-inside track to anyone." Like Ellis, I always take an egoic point of view.

This would be the result of too much thinking and the inability to consciously make the choice to come from spirit, but to self measure your self on a personal scale of opinion.

This would be something to take note of, rather than to assume you can thru self determination and personal opinion, pull the NOW and spirit out of a collection of thoughts.
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