Mike Kremmer:

'prefers to talk about God as though he/it was a realistic person'

REP: I talk about God as he is portrayed in the Bible, along with 99% of the 2.1 billion Christians in the world.

'cannot even integrate those confirmed historical truths of the Bible, with archeological scientific discoverys.'

REP: Can you give me some examples of where I haven't?

'Of course we all know that God didn?t write them, since Moses broke them in his anger upon seeing his 'flock' dancing around a golden calf.'

REP: I cannot follow the connection here:

We all know God didn?t write them,
since Moses broke them in his anger..

Moses? breaking of the tablets symbolised the broken relationship between the Israelites and God, because of their actions. His breaking them does not have any bearing on whether God wrote them.

Ahhh would'nt life be wonderful if we all lived by the ten commandments alone.

REP: Yes, especially as the first one is ?You shall have no other god?s before me?.

?I generally follow the Jewish religion, one of the very few religions that does not require you to believe in God.?

REP: Any religion that does not require you to believe in a God is a ?system of philosophy?, and should dispense of most of its tradition. If you want to believe in a religion that does not require a belief in God, why not just forget the whole thing and concentrate on formulating a system for living and defining morality that is purely based upon human reasoning, instead of tradition and myth.

What are the core beliefs of this Jewish/Buddhist religion? I would be interested to hear it from you ? although I have a good idea.