Topic: Adam, Eve and me.

There is little doubt that some people are not comfortable with just accepting things as we find them. Our nature is to seek reasons for everything and in the process we invent stuff. God participation came along way before science and because it has been around longer it has become well established. The response of science, ?the Big Bang?, which if fact is described as not a ?Bang? at all is the modern answer for what was attributed to God originally. When I moved away from formal religion and went towards reincarnation I suspected that for there to be reincarnation some ?thing? must be in control, but why? A flower grows and blooms with no apparent outside guidance, all it requires are nature?s basics. Why could not Adam, Eve and us all be part of a cycle that is self-perpetuating. We, all of animals, insects and us do our individual things like automations and could even possibly be recycled to try it all over again.

Both Science and Religion assume the existence of free will and, to me, that is a point at issue. The more alternatives you can envision appear to support more choices for the exercise of free will. I do not advocate Fate in control. I do wonder at how little free will actually exists in the course of our many decisions.