It may sound beyond relevance of any scientific excercise but the truth as said in the Bible makes any such discussion in conflict with normaly accepted sceintific theory of evolution.
Why if he is so true says something which is not true?
So sad a religion gets rebuked for not being true to the reality.Reality as described by the Biology goes against Religion with total confidence in its undisputed correctness(it declares this to all its followers by subtly criticizing religion).
I think we should try to remove this apparent conflict with a good plausible sceintific theory assuming people who described what happened in past related their own real experience.
I assume founders of great religion were trying to relate to somthing which they really felt and which was subsequently felt by the followers.

Non Linear Evolution : What does it mean?
It means that we all someday suddenly become more aware. The Qunatum of understanding gained between the age of 16 years - 17 years (i.e 1 year)can suddenly cross the net understanding of 16 years. And it is quite possible from the defintion of TRUTH(which we discussed) to say that my world got created suddenly one day.
This explanation goes with religion and as well as with Science.Without saying who is wrong and why because it can not be proved as the defintion of truth itself has an inherent subjective attribute attached to it.
I do not want a noble prize for this but yes I would like to have genuine discussion.