The life and death is subject of wide speculation and it has a strong relation with God especially death. The life has already taken its shape for us and thus what remains is death.
To which God do I affiliate and if there is no God then what happens to my Science.AS I Die do the knowledge that I-exist become zero in time?
If so then assuming that no one else can claim to call himself as myself,Then we can say that The Information can get lost from the system irrecoverably.Similary as I grow at somepoint of time I-Exist becomes Finite and as I can not be exactly as any other I we say that system can create knowledge.Thus Differentiation of I leading to knowledge of events .. thus conservation of Knowledge doesnt hold in both the Cases as I is lost or gained completely(using means not found in system).
Against this there lies an equally important case of Knowledge remains same as I at anypoint of time and thus Conservation of Knowledge holds as this was the net information at any point of time and it is present even now ..which is only and only I-exist.Leading to pure Quantum Mechanical effect with infinite possibilities.during decay leading to spontaneous Manifestation.
Which is real?

In our case we say both of them hold depending upon component of equation we are talking about.
In m-theory the Left side of product we denote non-spontaneous part and on the Right the Spontaneous part.