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Shall we use the God word?
Nothing like God word exists: what exists are just only words of some people, which may interpret God correctly - but they may not.
Some people spend more time living in their personal interpretations of what it (the word and all of its history) means to others and how to box it in a definition, rather than look into the history of the word and what it represents aside all personal belief.
It is more important for the ego to make a comparison and to help settle ones self in personal belief and idealism, in and amongst the varying idealistic theories and passed down beliefs of generations past. Otherwise the ego has nothing without its personal belief and the self validation that is freedom to generate an opinion regardless of whether it is based on reality.

The word itself refers to that which underlies all personal beliefs, and it threatens the foundation of isolated personality. To experience God one has to let go of personality, and that is death to the ego of personal belief and idealism.

For the personal ego which stands on principles of past impressions to let go of isolationism and to become part of a bigger whole is difficult. It can make a determination that there may be a bigger picture and a whole that is inclusive but only in terms that are insistent that the whole credit and acknowledge the personal as a key piece to the puzzle. It (ego) must insist the whole does not exist without that piece, and that the whole is secondary to the personal, making the whole an option for the personal if the personal has what it needs to find consideration for the whole, even if the personal feels there is finality in death, in which the whole becomes a non sequitur.
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