Okay, here is what I wrote in my original post.
(Please note that I was using an analogy when I said: "LIKE" tissue in the human body)

"Andrea asks: What about the nitty gritty matter, the blood and bone, leaf and fur, so to speak?
I answer: Mere packaging (and only a tiny 5% of all) and it is the way we (all living organisms) can abide in this environment.
Oh, that’s what you mean by the ‘shell’. But just how are we ‘connected’?
I think it may be through threads. Something similar perhaps, to radio waves (different frequencies and strengths) but the connection is like tissue (in a human body) we need it to be the ‘Whole.’
Let’s call this connection Threadism. Perhaps it is also part of what we used to call instinct and intuition.
So now, whenever I look at someone else, I remember that their Light matter and Light energy is our/my Light matter and our/my Light energy.
And when this body wears out I will still be, but with more awareness.
The awareness of the Universe.
The Universe or the Whole (except for the 5%) Yes, exactly. Not 'The' Universe but 'We' Universe."