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Love that Hamlet quote, Rev.
Some religions advocate imagining dying as sort of meditation in preparation for when it happens, so they can go, as you said: "without agony, excessive suffering and pain and "the dread of something after death".
You mention meditation. Our word comes from the Latin meaning to think it over. Isn't this something that all normal human beings do--for good, or evil, purposes--almost on a daily basis?

Unless one happens to be a robot, a psychopath/sociopath caught in a zombi-like trance, in my sincere opinion (IMSO), meditation is a very human-like and spirit-based art which anyone, including agnostics and atheists, is free to use for good, or evil, purposes at any time.

For example, Kyra, after I read your post, to which I am responding, then I choose to re-read it meditatively.

As I write these words--pausing now and then--I choose to engage in continued thought, reflection and contemplation. That is, I purposely choose and I intend to think deeply and observe, intently, what I have written.

As long as our intentions are positive, and as long as we we can avoid being so heavenly-minded that we are no earthly good, smile meditation can also be transcendental (anyone take TM?)--that is, idealistic, surpassing, excelling and devoutly religious contemplation, or quiescent spiritual introspection.

Though I respect those who, sincerely are, contemplative and can spend hours, even days, in silent-meditation--it is not my cup-of-T, at this point. I prefer to take an abbreviated form of the process, for which--I hope you don't mind--I have concocted a new word, metatation--meta, mean between, among, reciprocal, behind, after, beyond and with + tation. Tation is from the French, tete, for head.

In other words, use your head and have a rational faith, not a blind one. But, walking thoughtfully in the light you have, don't be afraid to go beyond your head space. A healthy faith, or religion, is one that can go beyond reason, but it need never go contrary to it. With this attitude there need be no conflict between religious faith and the principles of science.

The whole process can be done, comfortably, in 21 minutes:

I start by doing three minutes of yoga based on:
Text, with pictures:

I find that, except for Step # 1--the spins and the stretch-like moves--several of the moves can be done as part of the bathing process. BA & TH--As I wash I simply say to myself: I choose to Be Aware & Think Holistically.

Those who like the devout "religious" approach to prayer and meditation feel free to say, I take a BATH--that is, I am Born Again & I Think Holiness. In the spirit of agape-love, add any prayers you wish.

BTW, The Greek 'baptizo' simply means to wash.

Thus, I find that it is possible to combine my morning ablutions--ab-away + lavere to wash--and wash my body, mind and the spirit at the same time.

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