Hi Gregarach and Rev,
Re my theory: (esp Threadism) I've just read about the Blue Tits of England. Before the second world war a small group of Blue Tits were discovered to have learned to peck through the foil lids of milk bottles, to get to the milk. It had never occured before. Within days people all over England were reporting the same behaviour from other Blue Tits(these did not have physical access to the first group) This is amazing enough in itself but then, during the war, all metal was needed so the foil lids were discontinued and, of course, the behaviour ceased. Incredibly though, after the war ended and the lids were reinstated, a whole new generation of Blue Tits began pecking into the milk bottle lids once again! It has scientists baffled but they do admit to some sort of energy force being involved (I call this connectedness Threadism - see original post)