KM, the following question came to me this morning:
How come this forum has relatively few paralogists, which World Book Dictionary defines as false reasoners?

BTW, all dictators--those claim all power and to have the truth are paralogists. A number of them destroyed the first forum in which I participated. Our host, a financial adviser at a national news paper, because he feared being called a censor, refused to discipline them, and there was no ignore button. He finally had to close down the forum.

Ironically, they also claimed of be experts in finances and economics--the same kind who helped bring about the current depression of the economy.

The good news is: We need paralogisms--bad examples of how to communicate. They at least serve to help us appreciate god-like, that is, good communication--dialogue that, without dogma, rant and negative rhetoric is good-will based and designed to create harmony and the spirit interested in community encouragement.

I wonder how our moderators feel about the damaging effect dictatorial paralogisms can have in this forum, especially one dedicated to the nature and function of science, including philosophy about it as in NQSF.
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