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... Letís call this connection Threadism. Perhaps it is also part of what we used to call instinct and intuition.
So now, whenever I look at someone else, I remember that their Light matter and Light energy is our/my Light matter and our/my Light energy.... ... Not 'The' Universe but 'We' Universe."
Threadism, the Golden Rule and the Now.

I love living in the Now.
But let me make myself clear:
This doesn't mean that I find the Now
Always sensually attractive,
Or even likable.
There are times when I find
That the Now is miserable and filled with pain,
Including pain-filled people.
However, when I give the Now,
And all I find in it, Love,
I discover that Love, by the power of
Good will, respect and Compassion,
Changes all things, especially the self.
It is about living in the thread of Now.
Love works for the good in any Now.
We can all be at one with the Universe,
And live as agents of change, in the Now.
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