There is no need for envy or fear of the future. No need for selfishness. We should look at everyone as the Whole.
Before I go on, I should explain (although you would already know this) that not everyone knows they are part of the Whole.

Andrea:But they still would be?

Yes, but, like an arm that has gone to sleep because some of the circulation has been cut off, they are separate.

But you said..?

The arm with the circulation partly cut off has the blood, life force, still circulating. The arm is joined to the body but it feels separate and is not good for the body.
We can still acknowledge that it (those unaware) is part of us but we need to do something about it.

Andrea:I see, make it/them aware.

Yes, rub the circulation back (lol), support, understand. Or, in some cases, keep away.