"What have the views of Whitehead, or whether some evolutionists have a "purpose" agenda got anything to do with your creationist position?" Eccles

My creationist position? Eccles, I am not a creationist. I am exploring emanation, about which I will say more, later. How familiar are you with the concept?

"However, I retract my my statement about Whitehead's non-involvement with metalogical (dynamic) systems, not withstanding his allegiance to a pantheistic sub-text." Eccles

BTW, I am not sure how familiar Whitehead was with panentheism, which Charles Hartshorne, as an interpreter of Whitehead's philosophy, spent his life expounding.

I am sure that you are aware that the spirit-conscious new physicists are calling for what progressive theologians called for decades ago--a better definition of the god-concept than the one commonly used: god is a being separated from "his" creation.