Kyra M, as you said:
"I think with the Whole (as described in my theory) it only 'is'. This is not the same as 'now' as 'now' implies a past and a future whereas in the Whole, time is non-existent."

I agree that the Now, in the absolute sense, is an eternal Whole., But surely it is a dynamic and flowing kind of eternal Whole, not like some snapshot frozen in time and space without the power to change for the better.

As human and imaginative beings, it seems to me, we have the power, from the point of view of Now, to stand back and look at what is and what can be.

We have the god-given power to remember the past "nows" without being trapped by them. We are not just puppets on the strings of heredity and environment. We need not allow ourselves to be condemned to be victims of painful memories and base instincts--the kind that lead to blood feuds and wars; the kind that force us to evolve, without any choice in the matter, with one unconscious goal in mind--that of survival.

I like to think that using the god-like and creative powers of faith, hope and love we can consciously create in the Now--moment by moment--the kind of future Nows in which all good is possible, ad infinitum.
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