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Hi Gregarach,
Thanks for that. I don't know. I wish I did. But an awareness which encompasses something as great as the 'Whole' would be a different one to this human awareness. Just as an ant's awareness is different to say, that of a dolphin. That doesn't answer your question: would we remember? But perhaps those things will not be so important to 'Us' then.
When you say this human awareness, I'm assuming you are referring to your personal state of human awareness or that which is categorized as normal.
Do you understand the concept of Human enlightenment and do you see that as abnormal or myth? Are you aware of the concept of Full Human Consciousness, or being fully conscious or aware of the whole while being in a body such as is described of certain saints, sages or mahatmas of past and present. Are you also aware of the fact that reincarnation was a part of Christianity until it was banned from the church in the 4th century, and that it is also taught in Eastern philosophy and spiritual sciences. It is said in terms of full human consciousness that there are no boundaries or limits to knowledge, and that everything is cognized or remembered. The thing is, the mind in such a state does not dwell on the physical experience as much as it is present in greater universal principals than that of physical laws. Such a mind unbounded is released from physical constraints and the belief that it (the physical reality) is primary.
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