Kallog: Let's appreciate the points we are all making. I trust it will help all of us communicate, better. Agreed? smile

Friends at SAGGO:

Beginning tomorrow, August 2, I will be visiting Newfoundland. I will be flying to and visiting (August 2-16) St. John's, NL, Mount Pearl and area,

including, bellisland.net where I was born.


Meanwhile, lots of fulminating is going on at:


Anyone! You are welcome to join the tag-team-wrestling match at the site above, while I do my best to spread the word, in Canada (Our Community), east, about holism (somatology, psychology and pneumatology--body, mind and spirit--working as one) and holistic economics: http:///www.UFANA.org

Believe it, or not: Interest-free, but not dividend-free, banking is a Judaeo-Christian idea. Our friends in Islam (which means, accept what is, for the reality it is!) did not come along until after 622 years after the birth of Jesus--a Jew.

Interestingly, the mother of the closest relatives of my wife and me--our three grandchildren--is Farah, a Muslim. Our son, Turner, met her at York University, when he was a music student. She was studying maths. For years now, he (now 51) has been a pro in the Toronto music scene.

Farah is a beautiful person--in body, mind and spirit. Also, she is a Sufi (a meditative) Muslim, from Tehran, Iran. Her family escaped from Iran when, sadly, the fanatics took over. We metapray that things will improve.
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