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Isn't Dark Energy (or dark matter) "dark" by defition because it's un-measurable?

Just because they can infer a certain amount of "something" must exist (to explain the current theories), doesn't mean

Yea indirectly measured, maybe measured wrongly, but still measured. They've quantified how much they detected. That's different from more unmeasurable quantities like whatever that 'energy' that can be accessed by human thinkers is.


are true but metaphorical, our task is to correctly decipher the metaphor in light of scientific evidence also

That's trivially true. Any statement can be considered a metaphor, and interpreted to metaphorically describe something which we've already discovered by another means. You shouldn't limit yourself to religious documents. There are plenty of fairytales from all round the world which are just as correct - if interpreted metaphorically to fit whatever you happen to already know.