Kallog wrote:
There's some evidence for the existence of dark matter. There's no evidence for the existence of God. So they're totally different.

In my opinion they are not TOTALLY different, in that neither are proven facts ... but, however, some people believe in the existence of one or the other (perhaps both!) There are many people who believe that they have proof of the existence of god- or of the supernatural and there are others who are sure that dark matter exists. The similarity between the two groups is their belief in the existence of one or the other, and at the moment neither of those groups can prove that this belief has a basis in fact. Belief is the key. Many of us believe something and we assume either that everyone believes the same way, or else that they should! Uncertainty seems to be something that upsets us.

Personally I believe that dark matter has a chance of being proven to exist, but as I do not believe in the existence of any form of god I personally do not think that his/her/its existence will ever be proved.

And on the point of the insignificance of humanity.... our discoveries are all we have to work with. Our science and our religion, as well as our art and our literature are all we have. Our culture is our own human construction and we see the vastness of space and the cosmos through our own human eyes and interpret the information with our own limited human intellects. So far there has been no Star Trek style higher intellect to help us... we seem to be on our own! And that is a very sobering thought indeed!