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Our role in creation? In a word, we are here to be co-creators.

What have the views of Whitehead, or whether some evolutionists have a "purpose" agenda got anything to do with your creationist position? You are surely not evoking the fallacy of "appeal to authority" are you ? And it must be obvious to you that seeking "proofs" or "evidence" either way is epistemologically naive. I'm pretty sure that Whitehead had little to say about the current non-linear metalogical mathematical models such as "chaos theory" or "systems theory" which support the study of complex systems which are beyond the scope of traditional logic. Such models have, for example, been successfully applied to the phenomenon of the spontaneous emergence of complex structures in dynamic chemical systems far from equilibrium. (ref: Prigogine). "Creation" is to "spontaneous emergence" as "magic" is to "covert mechanism".

The quotation above makes your position crystal clear. The real question is why you might wish to convince others to accept that position. Put quite simply "holistic epiphany" is ineffable and results in a quiescence which dissipates the need to communicate it.

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