Hi Ellis and Rev and Andist,

As you said time implies a quantitative state that must be measured. The 'tools' we use to measure time are man made eg clocks, calendars. With our limited 'time' as humans we have found a need to have this measurement. Does it exist beyond us?
Others with a limited life-span and the knowledge of this would probably have their own time concept, too. It would not be an exclusively human trait.

Have you noticed that all time measurements have a frame of beginnings and endings? Morning/night, AM PM, January beginning, December ending. Or as in Australia: June end of the financial year, July beginning of the financial year. But all from one point to another point, whether we call them beginnings or endings is immaterial.
I believe Time for the Whole/Universe does not exist as there is no 'point to point' basis or need for it. But it certainly exists for us.

Rev, (and I'm being a little pedantic here) living in the Now is impossible as the Now becomes the past as soon as we think of, or become aware of it. Perhaps living in the hour, or day or second may be more accurate.
Glad you had such a nice holiday!

Andist, by way of our humanity, anything we think up is a man made concept!