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[Do scientists expect us laity to believe that what is going on in the universe is contrary to nature, reason, or commonsense; absurd; senseless? Ridiculous? Laughable? Sounds very human (and theological?) to me. smile ]

Contrary to nature - no
Contrary to reason - no
Contrary to commonsense - yes
Absurd - no
Senseless - yes
Ridiculous - no
Laughable - no

People who don't think critically often mix up these terms. Just because one person doesn't understand something doesn't mean it's absurd. Commonsense is handy for common situations but there's no reason we should expect it to be relevant to things we have no experience with.


I repeat, the above sounds very metaphysical, and even theological. And there is more:

Nothing metaphysical, theological or humane in there at all. If you replace the term "dark energy" with "hydrogen rich gas" does it still give you those emotions?