KM, to improve communications let me expand on what I want to say about dictatorship, past and present, in any category of life. Here I include theocrats--including Pagan and Christian emperors, kings and certain modern Islamic rulers. All tyrants, including any who claim to have God and all truth on their side, are paralogists no matter how benevolent they claim, and appear, to be. Needless to say, dictators insist on having control of all media, including the WWW, the Internet.

Incidentally, I first went on line in 1997. I was invited by
a financial writer--a real gentleman--at a national news paper to participate in a forum, which he agreed to host. With the assumption that all participants would be like him, he set it up to discuss the creation of Wealth, Wisdom and Wellbeing (holistic health)--WWW. Although I wrote some things in the Wellbeing section, most of my participation was in the Wisdom, or philosophy of WWW. I was involved until it closed down in, 2004? Like here, I made no secret of the fact that I was, and still am, a minister.

No matter what I wrote, from the get-go, I and a few of us--ones who were interested in dialoguing about real and serious issues and ideas having to do with the integration of body, mind and spirit--attracted diatribe and vitriol from the flaming paralogists who hid behind their pseudonyms.

However because he feared being called a censor, our host neglected to discipline the flamers--and there was no ignore-button.

Eventually a group of serious financial writers broke away and formed a no-nonsense group of their own to strictly discuss finances, which banned flamers. The loss of this group led to our host closing down his forum. He now blogs for his paper.

Ironically, many writers claimed to be interested in finances and economics. And yet, as I recall, not one of the "experts" saw and wrote about the flaws in our current, debt-based fiat system, which we now know led to the current financial melt down.

One writer, a friend of mine who I introduced to the forum, did issue a warning regarding the collapse of the American and Canadian dollar.

Based on common sense, we both called for reform of our debt-based fiat financial system--assets to banks, debts to borrowers. We both called for a financial system back by real and valuable assets. He was hot on the use of metals like gold, silver, and the like.

Because any economy must have workers--white and blue collars--I added: Let us not forget that workers, willing to do real work, are also assets as well as metals. Both of us were flamed for our opinions. We know now that what we wrote is a present and prophetic reality.
THE GOOD NEWS IS---as I said above.
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