samwik wrote:
"I think The Golden Rule surpasses anything physics has come up with so far, but I suppose "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction" comes pretty close to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.""

Hooray! The Golden rule expressed as a Science Fact!!... Although the notion of 'goodness' is not expressed fully by either.

I feel people here are (or were) trying to equate dark matter with God. Is this justifiable? There are heaps of mysterious things everywhere, many of them grouped together in the 'supernatural junk basket'. Gradually some are being explained. ( If you are an aspiring saint for instance, it is hard to get one of those miracles that require medical recovery as modern medical treatments have cleared up many of the various conditions fairly well!) Maybe one day Dark Matter will be fully understood too.. that is if it is proved to exist. But the present lack of proof does not preclude people from believing in its existence, so in that way it is the same as god, incapable of proof, but in the presence of belief it does not matter. Belief will make it so for the believer.

Neither does it matter if it is 'true'. Truth is always conditional-never absolute. Indeed truth for we humans often exists on a need to know basis, influenced by the conditions of the moment.*

*That was very cynical!! I'll stop now!