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Hi Ellis and Rev and Andist,
... Rev, (and I'm being a little pedantic here) living in the Now is impossible as the Now becomes the past as soon as we think of, or become aware of it. Perhaps living in the hour, or day or second may be more accurate. ...
I agree. Time like motion is simply an infinite series of stops (nows) on the way to forever, which is always tomorrow. smile
This is the kind of confusion that is generated from reading books such as Tolle when he references the Now. One who has no experience of the Now projects from their experience of the past, old ideas, trying to make them new and for the future. The present moment or the "Now" as referenced by Tolle is eternal. It is a state of innocence such as that of a child where there are no preconceptions of the moment burdened by a memory of the past and accordingly no projection of a future, only NOW. It is connecting with God and with no judgments or belief. Pure being and the experience unfettered. But then if you have no experience of God but rather a personal idea or opinion laden with beliefs and preconceived ideals prompted by subconscious programs, everyone's now is subject to conflict by the clashing of personal opinion and belief. No one really connecting in Unity with God because unity means to them, everyone thinks and acts alike. A union that is a democratically derived agreement in experience and belief. God clones.

Words such as God and the Now then become obscure and personality begins to create meanings and acronyms to isolate personal belief as the quintessential product of an imagined God.

This is also why the meaning of scripture has been lost to the individual and personal ideals of egoic idealism. With no Authority, and with the ego having a fear of being limited by an opposing thought, all Truth in Origin is lost to the democratic process so that everyone may have their own reality and their own definitions of universal principal.
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