Maciej Marosz author showed only how cooperate

Inverted Square Law
1730 James Bradey ( aberration )
1842 Doppler
1930 Tolman brightness Test

I showed above zero my own Theory ORAC not like read books from secoundary school ( he need repeat ) !!!

How I started read about above facts ?

in 2012 I made in home test ( nobody trust my idea )

camera1 ---- R-----BULB ------R -----Camera2 >>>>>30 km/s

camera 1 in my test in home registered more higher brightness of picture - camera 2 registered more darkness brightness of picture

Without cooperation and more precision test We can not eliminate all problems that can be important for my test.

Mr Orac
Was first person who informed me about Medium Problems
Medium in my opinion can give different resistance to
light ( light lost more energy during trip to camera 2

Light >>> medium ---> 30 km/s <<< Light

camera1 ---- R-----BULB ------R -----Camera2 >>>>>30 km/s

Medium can be also electric wire

El Energy >>> ......wire ......<<< El Energy ---> 30 km/s

We can repeat my test in electric version and measure resistance problem. Electrons has got mass m. Wire's resistance in my opinion has got relation with direction and arrow 30 km/s velocity / 220 km/s ... and XX? km/s ...

XX? - nobody in past made similar test for Earth

Below I present not cofirmed Idea that can be evaluate by electric wire test ( electron has got mass m )

Electrons position in universe ?
( If Erth is moving = electric wire and electrons inside wire have got kinetic energy )

Electric energy must make Work opposite to electron mass m inertia . We can change sign ( +/ - ) and ( -/+)

Can we compare INERTIA resistance to electric resistance ?

to evaluate below situation and recognize symetry and asymetry situation please use classical mechanic :

m = 1kg
Vo = 1m/s respect to virtual zero point ?

ZERO POINT ? it is LOCAL apparent Earth's position
shotr time before start electric test
in my above posts I use point 1..2...3...4...

How many energy cost ?

stop mass m <----- mass

m ------> rise up velocity mass m

to change m velocity from 1m/s to zero we need use 1/2 Joul
to change m velocity from 1m/s to 2m/s we need use 3/2 Joul

Water always goes from moutains to sea level ?
Where are mountain and where is sea level ?
Airpreasure works similar like water !!!

ELECTRIC TEST IDEA ( rocket = Earth )


For somone who not read my two three above post below Ytube will loks like simple mistake ( sec school level Idiot )


Br Maciej Marian Marosz
Poland 2013

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