By the way you never answered the question what was the significance of science making the light sabers?

I still don't get the relevance to your theory if anything I actually thought it pretty much told you that science was right and you were badly wrong in a single article.

You usually just ignore any experiments that basically tell you that you are being an idiot ... I mean I count 11 or 12 problems so far you just want to ignore everything from atom binding energy, quantum effects thru to basic heat transfer mechanisms.

So I did sort of expect you to just ignore the light saber article or is it now that you understand it properly you now want to ignore it?

In Maciej Marosz language we say YOUR THEORY HAS BEEN DESTROYED ... that is how it goes doesn't it laugh

I still think your best bet is talk to the LIGO people because they need a miracle about now. They were told the machine was almost certainly too small to see a gravity wave but still they were convinced they would ... coincidently they are Polish from Warsaw university as well.

So I have a theory that there may be something in the water in Poland smile

Is your discovery "imminent" like there's is laugh

Anyhow I am away from tomorrow for bit over two weeks for work so I will look forward to you results and nobel prize results when I get back I guess smile

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.