I You like physics please read about MR Mach

for Mr Mach the universe = many bodies conected ( roped ) by gravitation please push mass small mass m on table in Your room
the universe will feel what You did ( will feel new position of mass m )

Mach was first person who like use apparent position to measure velocity ( his ide is very close to my experiment camera bulb )

Mach FAR FAR star apparent position = My Bulb apparent position

bulb ----- camera >>>>> 30 km/s

WHAT IF MASS m will go more faster than C> ( this mass exist has huge kinetic energy ) but nobody can see mass m we only can register apparent position mass m.

Mass m faster than light lost conection with universe ( grvitation information can touch only past apparent signal that already made mass m > C )

"lost conection with universe " = that mass m faster than light
will not register that You made move small mass m on Your table

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