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PHOTON = zero mass

PHOTON = energy portion

Haha got it in one.

Nope not even close and there is the problem go and read "PHOTON" in Wikipedia.

It's the smallest unit of light as I showed you in the link we can tag the suckers and they are very directional and act like a particle or a solid object like you and I.


That's why you don't make any sense to us you lost the directionality bit which is the main strange part of there behavior.

There is probably nothing wrong with your definition if you add

PHOTON = zero mass

You can't spread that energy out in 3D it doesn't work like that a laser beam wouldn't travel thru the air if it did it would act like a sound from a speaker or radio wave does from an antenna you couldn't make a real light beam like a laser forms.

One of the first problem your theory would face is HOW does a photon hold it's energy in only a linear direction. Einstein can answer that one you have got a problem.

You probably don't understand the problem so let me simplify it, if light could "PUSH" off space to go in a direction then light interacts with space and any movement of anything would bend a light beam. How many laser beam have you seen not travel in a straight line? The only option is light at creation point can "feel" and "push off" space but not ever again and sorry I don't know where to even go with that as you have something existing then not existing you might as well go with GOD as the answer then.

The good news is you are not a complete idiot your idea made sense when you have a wrong idea about the photon, the bad news is your theory is dead because we know far to much about photons to be wrong and you are not against Einstein you are against every experiment ever done on the particle nature of light.

If you bothered to read the wiki entry on photon you will note

=> The photon concept has led to momentous advances in experimental and theoretical physics, such as lasers, Bose–Einstein condensation, quantum field theory, and the probabilistic interpretation of quantum mechanics. It has been applied to photochemistry, high-resolution microscopy, and measurements of molecular distances.

All of those things shouldn't work if we had the photon description wrong and the laser alone falsifies your description.

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