zero target I joust think louder ... ( please not make nervous )

How long live athom ?

Machine ( slower engine will work longer )

twmperature ?

When engine is too hot it will work shorter )

Hot atom will live shorter ?

Electron period and temp ?
Electon period and motion >

e--C-----e -----------> c/2

e---C---e zero motion

Machine material not like vibrations !!! exist special vibrations
that can destroy Each material very fast ?

period and atom live time ?

Engine and temperature shift ( hot and fast cold )

can we desroy atom by hot/cold cycle faster ?

clasical piston engine exchange fuel to work

Photon = fuel for electrons

each engine have special nombers of cycles ( exchange fuel to work )

can we destroy athome by cycles give photon / work

can we evaluate efficiency

how many photon enerrgy will be exchange to work ?

engine efficiency 33% --66% (fast engine 33% slower engine 66%)

how much time need athom for fotoemision how many energy will lost
from single photon portion

atom1 ----atom 2 ---atom 3 ----atom4 <<< Light

athom = machine that help light change position how many energy cost transport process

atom1 ----atom 2 ---atom 3 ----atom4 >>> 10 km/s <<< Light

motion and energy cost for transport

direction and inertia ? efficiency ???

LIGHT >>> atom1 ----atom 2 ---atom 3 ----atom4 >>> 300 km/s

temperature and preassure ??? transport efficiency ???
how many energy cost transport ?

EINSTEIN light = strait line and mathematica this mathematica always work ok and not important is many others problems !!!

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