so , now what happens to the space expanding faster than c
crutch? ?

Below one picture

I see airplane but I can not hear it

what if I not see and not hear ???

Black Hole = Newton Action and reaction + new point of view for old problem

fashlight ----> C> ...... observer 1

observer 1 can not see light ( information about body position ) have lower velocity than body

observer 2..............flaslight -----> C>

observer 2 can not see light !!! light can not hit flashlight and back to his eyes !!!!

flashlight -----> C>
Observer 3

Observer 3 is abbel see very LOW LUX ( exist huge abberation that reduce brightness of this what is sending flashlight )

look below light made distance "a" after time T
How many meters made rocket during time T ?

Sensrs on opposite wall can register ENERGY / AREA
Energy is constant if electric power of laser is constant
what can change ? AREA !!! ( one point , or many points - line)

Wery important fact !!!

dark night You keep in Your hand Bulb ( edison )
if You are moving in space with Earth ( 30 km/s . 220...)
You are sending many 3d Ball Waves

Look below not NEW GENIAL THEORY !!! ( only doppler and !!! and !!! not red blue but INTENSITY OF SIGNAL SHIFT !!!

How work bulb in vacuum and what mean distance for bulb
Inverted Square Law

Doppler for light Bulb was in past in point 1 and started perfect 3D ball 1 .....

First Test Michelson Morley ( Intensity of signal version LUX )